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A Fine Bit of Rare Howard Hughes On-Air

I remember this was on air after I returned in 1988….Nick wright got flu and I filled in at short notice…   I sound very different now but this is very much of its era – and shows what a great station Wyvern was ….commercial but local without sounding twee…!!   Jane Garvey was in the news […]

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Simon Doe Wyvern AM Split TX

I had the pleasure of broadcasting at Barbourne Terrace for two years between 1996 and 1998.   I was brought in as part of the presentation team of Wyvern AM, when the frequencies split. I remember my interview for the job, with the legendary Norman Bilton, who gave me a brief ‘pop quiz about the type […]


Mel & Tony Peters Get Married

I married the DJ who played me a song for Valentine’s Day. 1988 It had been an ordinary February the 13th.  I’d spent the day doing not very much, lazing about the house in the cold. To ease the boredom, I flicked the radio on.  Slurping on coffee and biscuits, I eased myself down onto […]

Another Name Game

  We were at Maylord Orchard Shopping centre – we were presenting a lucky winner with a Car !!! the heatwave This was a small part of our team out that day – can anyone name all 6 – I am guessing Mike Morgan might have a stab. We now have Top Row Rachel ( […]


Gill (Manley) Edmonds Wyvern News

  Gill Manley (Edmonds) Jan 1991-March 1992 I was going nowhere, writing advertorials as a freelance for the Kidderminster Shuttle, when my dad suggested in the strongest terms that I should “get a proper job”. My mum had died a few months before and all I had was a degree in modern languages and no […]

More Names If You Can Please

We are coming across a number of group shots and there are sometimes a couple of people I just can’t recall names of – My apologies if you are one of those whose names I can not recall – please do drop me a line and let me know if you can fill in the gaps. […]

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Chris Farrell Radio Wyvern

Where do I begin — I have so many great memories of the hallowed Wyvern Towers. Everybody ‘looking busy’ when we saw the boss’s yellow Capri pull up outside. Creeping up ‘The Bilton’s staircase’ as opposed to the ‘staff’ staircase that we all were instructed to use. Living on a diet of cheese rolls and Mars […]


James Robinson Listeners Story

Several listeners have been in touch having read about our little site on the Radio Today page offering their story of listening to Radio Wyvern – As they were the main reason we were there in the first place I will be adding some of the stories to the site. Here is a great trip […]

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Mark Hellings Wyvern News

When you’re a teenage radio anorak and somebody offers you the keys to an as-yet un-opened but brand new radio station so you can help play out test tapes, you’re probably not going to think about it for too long.  So there we were in the Autumn of 1982, playing these tapes out from a […]


Sybil Ruscoe Wyvern Newsroom

Getting a job in the newsroom at Radio Wyvern back in 1982 was like getting the keys to the sweetshop. The newsroom was packed with talent (!) and youthful enthusiasm.  David Holsworth at the helm, now head of English regions for the BBC; Frazer Shepherd, currently a top producer in TV; Nick London, later of […]

Stuart Ellis Radio Wyvern

July 1987 I’d met Nick Wright about a year earlier when I was working in a record shop in Redditch, and Nick came in searching for compilation albums on a certain label because they were “non needle time”. He was presenting the overnight from Beacon that was shared with Wyvern, Mercia and I think Signal […]

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Frazer Shepard Wyvern News

In 1982, I was a year out of university and it had dawned that my anticipated career as an international rock star was not going to happen any time soon. I had spent a few months as a cartoonist in an ad agency until they “let me go”, and was now dividing my time between […]

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Naomi Bishop Wyvern News

I was hired from newspapers by David Holdsworth. I had just passed my journalism exams and decided to write off to a few radio stations. I remember there was a job going at Piccadilly in Manchester and on spec I also wrote to my local station, Radio Wyvern. Almost as soon as the letter dropped […]


Last Jason Harrold Story… for Now

It’s lovely when radio shows are slick and smooth and sound effortless. As any presenter knows there are times it is anything but. It’s like how a swan glides, quite serenely, but you know underneath that the feet are paddling away. Sometimes radio is like that and then sometimes the pond is frozen and you […]

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Wyvern Towers Barbourne Terrace

This wonderful piece of art is an image of a print reproduced from original watercolour paintings by David Birtwhistle. David is a prolific watercolour artist who was based in Belmonte house Bransford road in St Johns, Worcester. I can’t remember exactly when the picture was commissioned but I suspect it was very late 80’s or early 90’s. […]


The Radio Wyvern TV Documentary

We must have had someone looking down on us when someone manages to get Central TV to make a documentary about the inception and the making of radio wyvern. We had the cameras in many times while the station was coming into being – here is another chance to see an amazingly frank and honest look […]


Graham Hughes Radio Wyvern

Graham Hughes – Launch Presenter/Producer – Weekdays 1-4pm and specialist music Monday – Wednesday 7- 8pm. If you’ve worked in broadcasting in the last few years you’ve probably missed out on a great event – opening a new radio station. Radio Wyvern was my second of four “new” stations in my career but my first […]


Mike George Radio Wyvern

Mike Henfield called me at my home in Harrow to invite me up for an interview as they’d listened to my cassette and wanted to know more. I’d previously done work at Radio Victory in Portsmouth hospital radio in Ealing and broadcast to a captive audience of 250 in a Royal Navy frigate HMS Eskimo….only […]