Gill (Manley) Edmonds Wyvern News

  Gill Manley (Edmonds) Jan 1991-March 1992 I was going nowhere, writing advertorials as a freelance for the Kidderminster Shuttle, when my dad suggested in the strongest terms that I should "get a proper job". My mum had died a…
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Eleanor Oldroyd Radio Wyvern

Eleanor Oldroyd - 1984- 1986 “Who’s doing the sport at 1.20, David?” “Well, don’t tell her, but it’s Eleanor.”  It was September 1984, and I’d been at Radio Wyvern for a week. Ten minutes after that conversation took place,…
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Mark Hellings Wyvern News

When you’re a teenage radio anorak and somebody offers you the keys to an as-yet un-opened but brand new radio station so you can help play out test tapes, you’re probably not going to think about it for too long.  So there we were…

Sybil Ruscoe Wyvern Newsroom

Getting a job in the newsroom at Radio Wyvern back in 1982 was like getting the keys to the sweetshop. The newsroom was packed with talent (!) and youthful enthusiasm.  David Holsworth at the helm, now head of English regions for the…
frazer-shepard wyvern news
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Frazer Shepard Wyvern News

In 1982, I was a year out of university and it had dawned that my anticipated career as an international rock star was not going to happen any time soon. I had spent a few months as a cartoonist in an ad agency until they “let me go”, and…
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Naomi Bishop Wyvern News

I was hired from newspapers by David Holdsworth. I had just passed my journalism exams and decided to write off to a few radio stations. I remember there was a job going at Piccadilly in Manchester and on spec I also wrote to my local station,…

Last Jason Harrold Story… for Now

It's lovely when radio shows are slick and smooth and sound effortless. As any presenter knows there are times it is anything but. It's like how a swan glides, quite serenely, but you know underneath that the feet are paddling away. Sometimes…
howard-hughes-Wyvern News
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Wyvern News This Is Howard Hughes

Like many of the best things in life I came to Wyvern by accident and chance.   I'd returned from pirate Radio Nova in Ireland and had tried to push for a community station for Southport - which it eventually got in the 1990s.   The government…
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Mike Henfield Radio Wyvern

I have a couple of memories from the time before we went on air. I was born in Worcestershire so getting the job at Wyvern was like coming home. But in 1982 Wyvern must have been the only radio station in Britain with a gazebo and fish…