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Dean Roberts Radio Wyvern

Dean Roberts – Radio Wyvern/Wyvern FM (Barbourne) 1996-2002 Where do I start with my Wyvern Story? Well, I was always told that the ‘beginning’ is rather a good place to begin so let’s crack on. I can remember listening to…

Ed Douglas on Radio Wyvern

I used to live actually on Barbourne Terrace and was well aware of Wyvern starting up and I remember clearly going into the reception area and watching the DJ's presenting through the glass. To To me they were like Gods! I remember buying…
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Jason Harrold Wyvern Snowball

The Snowball was everything that was good about local radio of the time. Throwing its weight behind people that needed help. The goodwill and camaraderie running through the building over those weekends of on-air fundraising left everyone…