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Matt Healey Wyvern Perdiswell

I grew up listening to Radio Wyvern but didn't really take much interest in it until 1996. I tuned into the Chris Blumer evening show one night and I was hooked. It made me so interested in radio and I applied to join my local hospital…
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Andy Holmes Wyvern Perdiswell

I have MANY memories of Wyvern, having moved to the Two Counties aged 7, it was probably the station (along with BRMB) that inspired me to get into the industry in the first place. So to work for the station was a massive thrill. I'm now…
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Andy Kench Wyvern FM Perdiswell

Andy has sent in some great audio of his time at Wyvern FM - please more pictures and recollections from these days too. I share these as strange stories now with a good-natured sense of humour, not to poke fun at the station or its parent…
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Rick Simmonds Wyvern FM Perdiswell

  Here are Ricks thoughts and memories of the changeover from Barbourne Terrace to Perdiswell. My memories of the old building had much the same feeling that late nights at my first professional radio gig (2CR in Bournemouth)…