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The Amazing MBI On-Air Studio Desks

So I asked Rob Yarnold " how did we come to have those amazing MBI desks ?" - Rob Says  I was busy visiting every ILR station on air to plan Wyvern. As part of this journey, I was also working free-lance at Beacon 303 from 1976 - 1981,…
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Craig Beck Radio Wyvern

I was seventeen years old and had received approximately 50 or so rejection letters from radio stations around the country. The theme to the replies was similar; not enough experience, not quite ready, you have potential - come back in a few…
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Norman Bilton Radio Wyvern

Before setting off on the making of this site I spoke to Stephanie Bilton who was by Normans side during his considerable time at the station. Firstly I wanted to enlist her support and to see if she had any material she may be able to…
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Gareth Roberts Radio Wyvern

Two things I can say about my time at Wyvern from 1990 – 1994 I had extraordinary hair Without Wyvern, my dream of working in radio would probably still be just a dream. Instead, 27 years later I’m here doing the job I love,…
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Eleanor Oldroyd Radio Wyvern

Eleanor Oldroyd - 1984- 1986 “Who’s doing the sport at 1.20, David?” “Well, don’t tell her, but it’s Eleanor.”  It was September 1984, and I’d been at Radio Wyvern for a week. Ten minutes after that conversation took place,…
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Ben Foster on Wyvern FM

I was on the station in 2004-06. I came from Sunshine 855 in Ludlow, Shropshire and had worked for BRMB, too. At the time, my on-air name was Ben Foster although I am known as Zac Damon. I came on to initially cover weekend breakfast…
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Andy Holmes Wyvern Perdiswell

I have MANY memories of Wyvern, having moved to the Two Counties aged 7, it was probably the station (along with BRMB) that inspired me to get into the industry in the first place. So to work for the station was a massive thrill. I'm now…
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Trevor Owens Wyvern Presenter

I joined Wyvern in February 1991 - and ended up doing my first-ever show by accident. I was working behind the scenes with 'Big' Rich Edwards on the sports show when he took the call that Simon Forster was ill and unable to do the late show.…
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Wyvern News This Is Howard Hughes

Like many of the best things in life I came to Wyvern by accident and chance.   I'd returned from pirate Radio Nova in Ireland and had tried to push for a community station for Southport - which it eventually got in the 1990s.   The government…
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The Pre On Air Promotional Leaflet

I have no idea how many of these Radio Wyvern pre-on-air promotional leaflets were printed or how many the 4 new presenters gave out at countless visits to all the main towns in the area who also had their own individual town named car…
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Wyvern Towers Barbourne Terrace

This wonderful piece of art is an image of a print reproduced from original watercolour paintings by David Birtwhistle. David is a prolific watercolour artist who was based in Belmonte house Bransford road in St Johns, Worcester. I can't remember…
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The Original Radio Wyvern Directors

Wyvern was offered the franchise to broadcast to Hereford & Worcester, directly in a phone call to Sir John in his Hereford home, from the IBA (John Thompson). We were given a few days to accept or reject the offer and we had to keep it…
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The Wyvern Launch Newspaper

A number of people have mentioned the launch newspaper. Again Wyvern had an amazing start as far as awareness was concerned with a huge amount of publicity afforded by a launch newspaper which was delivered to virtually every home in…