The Radio Wyvern Launch Party

With Many Thanks to Muff Murfin who took the pictures on the day and who spent ages looking for them for this site.

From 6.30am on the 4th of October 1982 the Wyvern reception area which overlooked the main on-air studio began to fill with an expectant throng of staff, directors and VIPs from the area waiting for the 7am start to the station and the launch party to get underway – Here are a few of the pictures from that special morning.

A few bits of important extra info from Rob – The cake came about as John’s secretary was well into weird things, and told us of our Chinese birth animals. I was a rabbit and always called that by John, his birth year was a rat. So, the cake, inspired by his secretary, had a rabbit and rat thereon. Can’t remember her real name, as we called her “Botty Boyce”, her surname was definitely Boyce!!

John Manley Wyverns First MD at 7Am – October 4th 1982


John Manley & Rob Yarnold with the Ratty & Rabbit Launch Cake.


Rob ( Radio in hand ) Getting Into the Party Spirit with Bruce Lawson One of The original Directors

Mike Henfield Presents us with the launch cake, for Ratty and Rabbit!


Sir John Cotterill with John Manley and Suzi Mallalieu


Gerry Gannon, mate of Robs from Ireland who bought Wyvern Shares. (Rob sold him a nice transmitter to run his pirate station in Waterford) Nicky Morris – Lorraine’s sister – Mike George – Lorraine Yarnold.


Len Pike (Director) – Muff Murfin – Ginny Murfin – Debbie Lawrence


Rev. Ray Howard Jones Wyverns Religious Broadcaster & Peter Hill ( Hereford United )


John Manley Peter Hill Mike Vockins ( Worc Cricket Club ) & Rob Yarnold