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Simon Doe Wyvern AM Split TX


I had the pleasure of broadcasting at Barbourne Terrace for two years between 1996 and 1998.   I was brought in as part of the presentation team of Wyvern AM, when the frequencies split.

I remember my interview for the job, with the legendary Norman Bilton, who gave me a brief ‘pop quiz about the type of music I would be playing. Luckily, I passed with flying colours!

I remember one outside broadcast, where I rode a camel, amongst other things, which was great fun.  One of the things that was very exciting during my time was when I had done my afternoon show as usual, and Dean Roberts suddenly went sick, so I ended up doing the evening show as well, on all frequencies! That was a great honour.

I returned to the old site at Barbourne Terrace just last year for a look at how it looks today. It was a sunny day, fitting for good memories.

Simon has sent in some great audio from Wyvern AM Thanks, Simon Lets hear more SS