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Special Mention for Wyvern Mo

Wyvern did make a difference to a lot of listeners for a whole variety of reasons, for some, it was a lifeline of sorts. One such special listener, was Maureen Preece best known to many listeners as Wyvern Mo, sadly no longer with us. She…
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The Birth of Radio Wyvern

Technical Director and Presenter Rob Yarnold, and Breakfast Presenter Sammy Southall have been talking with Producer/Presenter Graham Hughes, about what led to an amazing day - the birth of Radio Wyvern. The radio station’s large reception…
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The Pre On Air Promotional Leaflet

I have no idea how many of these Radio Wyvern pre-on-air promotional leaflets were printed or how many the 4 new presenters gave out at countless visits to all the main towns in the area who also had their own individual town named car…
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Sammy Southall Radio Wyvern

Sammy Southall – 1982 – 1998 My Wyvern story well where do I start it's been a long time since I thought back about all the different things that happened to me on my road to being on-air at Wyvern and the 16, mostly very happy years…