A Fine Bit of Rare Howard Hughes On-Air

I remember this was on air after I returned in 1988....Nick wright got flu and I filled in at short notice...   I sound very different now but this is very much of its era - and shows what a great station Wyvern was ....commercial but…
andy-johnson Radio Wyvern
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Andy Johnson of Andy & Bobby Fame !!

Oh, my God, I wanted to be a DJ so much! Trouble was, I wasn't particularly good at it. I'd spent several of my teenage years being rejected by just about every radio station in the little IBA handbook when a very generous Sammy Southall took…
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Simon Doe Wyvern AM Split TX

I had the pleasure of broadcasting at Barbourne Terrace for two years between 1996 and 1998.   I was brought in as part of the presentation team of Wyvern AM, when the frequencies split. I remember my interview for the job, with the…
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Phill Bird Wyvern Cheltenham

Wyvern Memories from Phill Bird  - Presenter/Promotions Executive  June 1991 – July 1995 Growing up on a diet of Radio 1, the exciting launches of Severn Sound, and then Wyvern, I felt a real pull to radio – particularly ILR.  I joined…
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Craig Beck Radio Wyvern

I was seventeen years old and had received approximately 50 or so rejection letters from radio stations around the country. The theme to the replies was similar; not enough experience, not quite ready, you have potential - come back in a few…
gareth-roberts radio wyvern
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Gareth Roberts Radio Wyvern

Two things I can say about my time at Wyvern from 1990 – 1994 I had extraordinary hair Without Wyvern, my dream of working in radio would probably still be just a dream. Instead, 27 years later I’m here doing the job I love,…
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Eleanor Oldroyd Radio Wyvern

Eleanor Oldroyd - 1984- 1986 “Who’s doing the sport at 1.20, David?” “Well, don’t tell her, but it’s Eleanor.”  It was September 1984, and I’d been at Radio Wyvern for a week. Ten minutes after that conversation took place,…
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Dean Roberts Radio Wyvern

Dean Roberts – Radio Wyvern/Wyvern FM (Barbourne) 1996-2002 Where do I start with my Wyvern Story? Well, I was always told that the ‘beginning’ is rather a good place to begin so let’s crack on. I can remember listening to…

Ian Davies Radio Wyvern Night Beat

Ian Davies Night Beat 1am – 6am Sunday to Thursday 1991 – 1994 My first encounter of Radio Wyvern was as a listener in 1985, I was 15 years old and I won Sammy’s Secret Sound calling Hereford 272727 60 times a day on an old rotary…
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Chris Farrell Radio Wyvern

Where do I begin — I have so many great memories of the hallowed Wyvern Towers. Everybody ‘looking busy’ when we saw the boss’s yellow Capri pull up outside. Creeping up ‘The Bilton’s staircase’ as opposed to the ‘staff’…
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Matt Healey Wyvern Perdiswell

I grew up listening to Radio Wyvern but didn't really take much interest in it until 1996. I tuned into the Chris Blumer evening show one night and I was hooked. It made me so interested in radio and I applied to join my local hospital…
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Ben Foster on Wyvern FM

I was on the station in 2004-06. I came from Sunshine 855 in Ludlow, Shropshire and had worked for BRMB, too. At the time, my on-air name was Ben Foster although I am known as Zac Damon. I came on to initially cover weekend breakfast…
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Andy Holmes Wyvern Perdiswell

I have MANY memories of Wyvern, having moved to the Two Counties aged 7, it was probably the station (along with BRMB) that inspired me to get into the industry in the first place. So to work for the station was a massive thrill. I'm now…
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Paul Masters Radio Wyvern

I joined Wyvern after doing well in two of the DJ discovery competitions. I hosted Sunday Best with Rich Edwards, my own Sunday afternoon show for many years. Sunday Breakfast and the Soul Show. Plus some weekday cover. One thing I…
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Allan Clarke Radio Wyvern

My interest in Radio started when, as a young teenager, I won a school competition, the prize, a visit to BBC Radio Birmingham (now WM) to watch the Ross & Henry Show one Saturday morning. Ross, perhaps better known as Les Ross &…

Ed Douglas on Radio Wyvern

I used to live actually on Barbourne Terrace and was well aware of Wyvern starting up and I remember clearly going into the reception area and watching the DJ's presenting through the glass. To To me they were like Gods! I remember buying…
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Jason Harrold Wyvern Snowball

The Snowball was everything that was good about local radio of the time. Throwing its weight behind people that needed help. The goodwill and camaraderie running through the building over those weekends of on-air fundraising left everyone…
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Jason Harrold Wyvern Presenter

What Simon Cowell does is nothing new. New Faces and Opportunity Knocks were to name just two. Radio Wyvern also dabbled in the new talent stakes and I am living proof. I was the winner of the second Search For a D J contest. A kind of "Decks…
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Jason Harold Nearly On-Air

My Wyvern story began before I was officially working there. It was all thanks to - or maybe the fault of - Nick Wright. I used to really enjoy his evening show. I even won the odd competition, and in those days Radio had some odd competitions. On…
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Trevor Owens Wyvern Presenter

I joined Wyvern in February 1991 - and ended up doing my first-ever show by accident. I was working behind the scenes with 'Big' Rich Edwards on the sports show when he took the call that Simon Forster was ill and unable to do the late show.…
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Rob Yarnold Radio Wyvern

Where do I start? I met up with Sammy Southall in 1971 a mutual friend new we were members of the Free Radio Association. !!! We both wanted to be DJ's, once I had heard Caroline, Big L and Swinging Radio England, I knew that was what I wanted…
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Sammy Southall Radio Wyvern

Sammy Southall – 1982 – 1998 My Wyvern story well where do I start it's been a long time since I thought back about all the different things that happened to me on my road to being on-air at Wyvern and the 16, mostly very happy years…
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Roy Leonard – Radio Wyvern

Back in 1982 I was working as a freelance presenter and reporter for another commercial radio station, Chiltern Radio, in my home county of Bedfordshire. At the time I'd been looking for a full-time position in broadcasting and therefore responded…

Graham Hughes Radio Wyvern

Graham Hughes - Launch Presenter/Producer - Weekdays 1-4pm and specialist music Monday - Wednesday 7- 8pm. If you’ve worked in broadcasting in the last few years you’ve probably missed out on a great event - opening a new radio station.…

Mike George Radio Wyvern

Mike Henfield called me at my home in Harrow to invite me up for an interview as they’d listened to my cassette and wanted to know more. I’d previously done work at Radio Victory in Portsmouth hospital radio in Ealing and broadcast to…