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Allan Clarke Radio Wyvern

My interest in Radio started when, as a young teenager, I won a school competition, the prize, a visit to BBC Radio Birmingham (now WM) to watch the Ross & Henry Show one Saturday morning. Ross, perhaps better known as Les Ross &…
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Mark Hellings Wyvern News

When you’re a teenage radio anorak and somebody offers you the keys to an as-yet un-opened but brand new radio station so you can help play out test tapes, you’re probably not going to think about it for too long.  So there we were…
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The Birth of Radio Wyvern

Technical Director and Presenter Rob Yarnold, and Breakfast Presenter Sammy Southall have been talking with Producer/Presenter Graham Hughes, about what led to an amazing day - the birth of Radio Wyvern. The radio station’s large reception…
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The Radio Wyvern QSL Card !

Not every station had a QSL card but at Wyvern we were not going to miss ou. After all, it was real radio enthusiasts who drove the inception of the station. According to Wiki, A QSL card is a written confirmation of either a two-way radiocommunication…
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The Original Radio Wyvern Directors

Wyvern was offered the franchise to broadcast to Hereford & Worcester, directly in a phone call to Sir John in his Hereford home, from the IBA (John Thompson). We were given a few days to accept or reject the offer and we had to keep it…

The Radio Wyvern TV Documentary

We must have had someone looking down on us when someone manages to get Central TV to make a documentary about the inception and the making of radio wyvern. We had the cameras in many times while the station was coming into being - here is…
The pre on-air wyvern story
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The Pre On-Air Radio Wyvern Story

More thoughts from Rob Yarnold about the early months of Radio Wyvern As there was no one really on board, from the industry before we got the franchise, I had to get all the info together for the Board to understand. I took The Chairman…
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Rob Yarnold Radio Wyvern

Where do I start? I met up with Sammy Southall in 1971 a mutual friend new we were members of the Free Radio Association. !!! We both wanted to be DJ's, once I had heard Caroline, Big L and Swinging Radio England, I knew that was what I wanted…
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Mike Henfield Radio Wyvern

I have a couple of memories from the time before we went on air. I was born in Worcestershire so getting the job at Wyvern was like coming home. But in 1982 Wyvern must have been the only radio station in Britain with a gazebo and fish…
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The Wyvern Launch Newspaper

A number of people have mentioned the launch newspaper. Again Wyvern had an amazing start as far as awareness was concerned with a huge amount of publicity afforded by a launch newspaper which was delivered to virtually every home in…