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Ed Douglas on Radio Wyvern

I used to live actually on Barbourne Terrace and was well aware of Wyvern starting up and I remember clearly going into the reception area and watching the DJ's presenting through the glass. To To me they were like Gods! I remember buying…
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Sammy Southall Radio Wyvern

Sammy Southall – 1982 – 1998 My Wyvern story well where do I start it's been a long time since I thought back about all the different things that happened to me on my road to being on-air at Wyvern and the 16, mostly very happy years…

Graham Hughes Radio Wyvern

Graham Hughes - Launch Presenter/Producer - Weekdays 1-4pm and specialist music Monday - Wednesday 7- 8pm. If you’ve worked in broadcasting in the last few years you’ve probably missed out on a great event - opening a new radio station.…
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The Wyvern Launch Newspaper

A number of people have mentioned the launch newspaper. Again Wyvern had an amazing start as far as awareness was concerned with a huge amount of publicity afforded by a launch newspaper which was delivered to virtually every home in…